"GQ"...One of the superstars and crowd favorites every week at Hunk-O-Mania. Black Male stripper extraordinaire! Clean cut, sharp good looks, built and a stage show that will put all the Ladies into a frenzy.

GQ is known to be the #1 Black Male Stripper in the USA and can only be seen shaking it up at the New York City club. Unless of course you want to hire him to perform personally at your party-then just call us and rent-a-hunk. He adds a touch of class and style in the all male revue show when he comes out.

But make sure you keep your eyes focused on him when he is on stage, because he has a surprise in store for all the girls when he strips down and gets busy!

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Rent-a-Hunk info: 917-921-8476 (live person)

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HUNK-O-MANIA  is not just a Male Revue!  It's is a high energy, audience participation show that caters to women and what they want... This is the nightclub to indulge a  bachelorette party fantasy, celebrate a birthday or have a girls night out.

Male strippers  -  massage hunks and hunky waiters will cater to your every need and make your night  exciting and fun. Enjoy our intimate setting that's "Up Close and Personal". Come alone or with friends...We'll make you feel special!

Can't make the show? Get a "Rent-a-Hunk to-go" .

www.usahunks.com for tickets to the New York City location or call 917-817-9006.